Despite the tremendous advances that have been made in digital and theatrical self-distribution for feature documentaries, there are still tremendous advantages to the more traditional model of acquisition and eventual distribution.

For domestic distribution, we have been approached by A-List Digital Distributors due to the hype of our Kickstarter campaign as one of the top funded films on Kickstarter, including: Gravitas, Cinetic's Film Buff, & GoDigital.   TV Networks, such as DirectTV's Audience Network have reached out for a key city theatrical, TV Premiere and VOD rights. Our producer is already discussing with her agent at WME about selling to socially minded networks: Pivot, Ovation, Esquire and Travel.  These networks are particularly looking for this kind of content. We've also discussed this film with execs at HBO and CNN Films, whom we would engage after securing our festival premiere. In Asia, we are in discussions with Discovery Asia and IPA-Asia (For Asia Pacific).  Our producer Andrea recently wrapped a film, "Gallows Hill" in which over 40 countries were sold at the Berlin Film Festival alone and sold domestically to IFC.  We have strong sales agent relationships, and our producer is currently working with Voltage Pictures and IM Global on 2 films.  

Prior to distribution, our goal is to have the World Premiere at a top-tier like Sundance, SXSW or Tribeca.  We’re also considering festivals like Camden International Film Festival, Mill Valley Film Festival, Telluride Mountainfilm, and several others.  We recently spoke with Gravitas about the possibility of day-and-date release with our festival premiere (pending input from our premiere venue) and are looking forward to building on the success of our Kickstarter campaign to develop a comprehensive digital outreach strategy targeting the niche communities most interested in the themes of the film (Bhutan interest groups, adventure / travel enthusiasts, happiness / positive psychology enthusiasts, etc.)

Engagement & Audience Impact

The release of The Happiest Place coincides with an explosion of interest in the topics of mindfulness and happiness research - as well as the growth of fields like social entrepreneurship, corporate-social-responsibility and impact investing.  We think The Happiest Place will be an indispensable tool for leaders among this growing constituency to catalyze conversation and drive culture change within their communities, both at home and at work.  

Our advocacy on behalf of the film will take a three pronged approach: engaging policymakers to adopt metrics around happiness and well-being, encouraging communities and businesses to identify and implement holistic value frameworks (like B-CORP), and empowering individuals with the tools and resources to make meaningful changes in their lives to find more balance and contentment.  We’re in the early stages of exploring the possibility of packaging our grassroots tools and resources into a “Happiness Charter” that would enable individuals and communities to create and implement their own unique “Happiness Charter”.  We also think there is tremendous potential to do a national (and potentially global) screening and speaking tour around the film.  

  • Other Potential Target Actions:
    • Organizing a potluck dinner [+ screening?] with friends and neighbors
    • Hosting a dinner + conversation around key themes: slowing down, balancing use of technology, “work” vs. purpose, etc.
    • Hosting a storytelling evening [improves social connection]
    • Doing a 21-Day meditation challenge
    • Signing up for an Art of Living Happiness Program in your community [Ben is a facilitator]
    • Actions on partner app [tracking happiness, gratitude journal, etc.]
  • Distribution partners
    • Grassroots partners
      • Bhutan Tourist Board / Bhutan Tourist Agencies
      • Bhutan-related blogs
    • Adventure + Travel blogs / channels
      • Outside magazine
      • Nature
    • Buddhist blogs / channels
      • Tricycle Magazine
    • Happiness bloggers
      • Gretchen Rubin / The Happiness Project
      • Other happiness blogs [to research]
      • Delivering Happiness / Tony Hsieh
  • Potential Action partners
    • The Whole Person Economy
    • Death over Dinner [tailor “Happiness over Dinner” curriculum]
    • Art of Living Foundation / Happiness Program?
    • Delivering Happiness / Tony Hsieh
    • United Nations World Happiness Day
  • Educational Version / Screening Kit
    • Framework for measuring and monitoring happiness / well-being in the classroom
    • Discussion kit to explore values that underpin Gross National Happiness
    • Activities that improve sense of connection (and thus happiness + well-being) in the classroom