I've taken the film as far as I can with my own work on the edit.  Now, it's time to build a world-class team around the film to ensure that this important story is given a fair chance to succeed.  

Our plan is to build our team and take the next 4 months to sprint for the Sundance 2016 deadline (October 15, 2015).  This will require continued collaboration with Carlton Evans & Karen Everett as story consultants, hiring a brilliant editor - and the the best colorist / sound studio possible.  Over the last 1.5 years, Emmy-nominated filmmaker and editor Eric Metzgar has helped me get the film to where it is now; but he lives in New York and I need to find someone local to help take the film home.  

We've recently met with a world-class editor we’d like to work with - Academy Award-winning editor Lisa Fruchtman (http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0296636/).  She is based in Berkeley, is very interested in the project and ready to begin immediately.   Among her 25 film credits are “Apocalypse Now”, “The Right Stuff”, “Godfather Part III”, and “Sweet Dreams”.

Our primary focus will be on story and structure, deepening the personal essay and voice in the film.  After a great deal of feedback and consideration, it’s clear that this is the clearest leverage point to strengthen the film, with the right support, I know we can make it happen.

After the lead-up to the Sundance deadline we’ll have a great deal more clarity whether or not the film needs any pick-ups.  Then, in late October / November of 2015 I will return to Bhutan with Andy to witness and (if appropriate) film the consecration ceremony.  During the trip I would take an additional 2 weeks to meet with key partners on the ground and, if deemed necessary, gather a few, highly targeted pick-up scenes for inclusion in the final cut.