• June 10th - July 1st
    • Build advisory board including local Bhutanese partners
    • Secure phase 1 financing
    • Recruit local editor
  • August 27th
    • Complete updated rough cut
    • Private San Francisco rough cut screening
  • September 15th - October 15th
    • Prepare submission to Sundance 2016
    • Pre-production for return trip
    • Secure phase 2 financing
  • October 15th - November 7th
    • Film Guru Rinpoche consecration
    • Film key pick-ups
  • November 7th - January 7th
    • Lock picture, final sound / color
    • Secure phase 3 financing
  • January 21st, 2016
    • Sundance premiere
  • March 20th, 2016
    • “The Happiest Place” launch & outreach campaign timed to International Day of Happiness


Production Plan: Bhutan 2015

In advance of a potential return trip in November of 2015 we’d like to engage key stakeholders in Bhutan to build support for The Happiest Place.  Stakeholders would include:

  • Druk Odiyana Foundation
  • Center for Bhutan Studies
  • GNH Centre
  • Bhutan Center for Media and Democracy

There are three primary goals for the return trip to Bhutan:

  1. Capture 3 concrete, replicable examples of GNH policy implementation
    1. Measuring what matters / the GNH census [Explore how Bhutan measures happiness]
    2. Environmental Policy [Forest management? Organic Farming? Electric vehicles?]
    3. Universal Education + Healthcare [Meditation in schools? GNH values in education?]
  2. Capture several vignettes that express the stakes for Bhutan’s modernization / Bhutan’s challenge
    1. Capture youth issues IE. film with local Bhutanese gang leaders (potentially unemployed, disillusioned)
    2. Capture impact of tv / social media on culture, happiness
    3. IE. effect TV or internet is having on family life in a typical home
    4. Are there any TV / internet / gaming addicted in Bhutan?
  3. Capture interviews with Pek Dorji / other leading voices that can express impact media has had in country
    1. Capture pick-up BROLL of Ben in country
    2. Plan is to combine with voiceover in order to strengthen the character journey