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Craft Stories that Activate & Inspire

Stories are what make us human.  They inspire us, they delight us.  And, when artfully told, they can transform how we look at the world.

The heart of the strongest stories of transformation is the hero or heroine's journey - a quest to challenge the status quo and make a specific change in the world, taking them to new terrain where they encounter great challenges and take meaningful action, returning transformed.

The H.E.A.D. & H.E.A.R.T. Story Method distills the best practices from filmmaker Ben Henretig's experience crafting hundreds of transformational stories for world-changing organizations for organizations like Bono's Project (RED), Clinton Global Initiative, the Dalai Lama Foundation and many more.  The framework draws on best practices from mythic storytelling, screenwriting, and character-driven filmmaking to provide an actionable, replicable process for crafting & distributing these stories of transformation.

The method can be taught in an hour or two - or extended into a day long workshop that equips participants with the tools to tell transformational stories - and helps them to understand and architect their own hero or heroine's quest.

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